16 Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore Offering Healthy Homemade Food

Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore: There are many places to dine in Bangalore, including both fine dining establishments and bars. Yet, while occasionally indulging in junk food or processed meals may be enjoyable, doing so frequently might negatively impact your physical health. In addition, eating a burger for lunch or pizza for dinner may rapidly get monotonous.

You need food that is nourishing and healthy if you want to keep yourself alive for a longer amount of time. Regular meals that are nutritionally balanced and give your body what it needs to stay healthy and even thrive should be part of your diet. Also we will discuss about Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore.


But, we are also aware of how challenging it may be for bachelors to maintain a steady supply of home-cooked, wholesome meals. Fast food is quick, but it can’t satisfy unexpected cravings for home-cooked meals, especially if you’re new to the city. especially if you are a newcomer to the area. If you now find yourself in this situation, following our advice will prevent you from participating in unhealthy eating habits. We have put together a list of the most dependable tiffin providers in Bangalore, who will deliver a full and healthy lunch or dinner to your house every day. 

1. Masala Box

The vendor in Bangalore who offers tiffins made totally from scratch is unquestionably the best in the business. At Masalabox, your total pleasure is our first concern. You’ll long for the pleasures of home cooking after sampling the food at Masala Box. Only the finest ingredients are used in the preparation of the dinner, which is done in home kitchens with the utmost care and respect.

Depending on your tastes and financial limitations, you may pick a meal plan from their wide range, and you can then choose goods from their wide variety to have them delivered to your home for free. Also we will discuss about Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore.

Website – Masalabox

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2. Bhavna Tiffin Service 

Bhavna Tiffin Service is a straightforward, no-frills tiffin vendor with the motto “Ghar Jaisa Swad” situated in Bangalore. With excellent handmade vegetarian dishes galore, they provide dinners for as little as Rs 50. Their menus for lunch and supper include 4 chappatis or rice, a filling sabji, a hot bowl of dal, and a filling green salad. For people with erratic schedules, this is a great alternative because you can order your lunch between 7 AM and 9 AM and supper between 4 PM and 6 PM on the day you need the food delivered! We would be glad to explore Top Tiffin Services In Bangaloremore.

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3. Oota Box 

Oota Box is a Bangalore-based network of tiffin services that gives clients access to wholesome food prepared by home cooks in different areas all across the city. Almost a thousand homes are included in their culinary network, which is maintained by a talented group of chefs that are experts at preparing each dish.

The wonderful food is prepared by these home cooks with a lot of work and delivered to your home in boxes that Oota Box has meticulously packaged. You may choose from a variety of cuisines and meals, including selections from North Indian, South Indian, Jain, and other regions. You will have the choice of making a one-time order or signing up for a service that will serve all three meals to you every day.

Website – OotaBox

4. Rotiyana Tiffin Service 

This Bangalore tiffin service is a restaurant that specializes in cooking Chinese and Indian food rather than just being a standard meal delivery service. Every day, they provide about 5000 meals, the majority of which are given to business groups. Also, they offer their services to smaller groups of individuals and occasions. All of the vegetables and other raw ingredients used in the making of the food are organic and fresh. There isn’t a breakfast option available, but there are several mouthwatering, homemade options for lunch and dinner.

Website – Rotiyana Tiffin Service

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5. Namma Dabba 

The Bangalore office employees of Namma Dabba aim to make it simple to get meals delivered right to their door. Office workers have access to healthful, home-cooked food that is made in kitchens spread out over the city thanks to the firm. This Bangalore tiffin service offers options for both weekly and monthly subscriptions, catering to a broad range of budgets and dietary needs. There are a variety of Indian cuisines served here, including Gujrati, Rajasthani, North Indian, and South Indian. They also provide other local specialties. The prices are manageable from a financial standpoint, and the delivery process is quick and simple.

Website – Namma Dabba

6. Butti 

Butti is a Bangalore-based meal delivery subscription business created to provide timely lunch and evening meals to the city’s health-conscious working population. Their meals are balanced, nourishing, and made with the highest level of care and the freshest ingredients. Under the North Indian and South Indian categories, they provide 10-day, 20-day, and monthly packages. At only Rs 499 for 10 days, you may select a package that includes breakfast, lunch, and supper! know about more Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore.

Website – Butti

7. Tiffin Meal 

Tiffin Meal is a tiffin service in Bangalore that provides owners of paying visitors, small party gatherings, and business groups with daily box lunches. Small group gatherings are also catered to by Tiffin Meal. It is really easy to use since all you have to do to get access to it is choose a meal plan that meets your needs, pay, and update the delivery information. Furthermore, they provide a menu called “Food on Demand”!

They aim to keep you healthy, increase your productivity, and provide you with delicious, nourishing cuisine that is cooked in a homey way using organic vegetables. This is their way of thinking. The best part is that they use reusable Tiffin boxes that are made entirely of food-grade material, contributing to environmental protection. Also, these containers guarantee that your dinner will stay wonderful and hot.

Website – Tiffin Meal

8. Desi Tiffin Box 

Your cravings for authentic, home-cooked Desi food will be fully satiated by Bangalore’s cloud-based tiffin delivery service, Desi Tiffin Box. With the catchphrase “New Day, New Menu,” they make the audacious promise to give you alternatives to regular meals that contain an extraordinary variety of Flavors and an unmatched level of diversity. We would be glad to explore Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore more.

These meals are economical and advantageous to your attempts to enhance your physical and mental well-being. There are numerous different membership packages available, and you can choose to have meals delivered to your home or place of business.

Website – Desi Tiffin Box

9. Adukkala

A family run business offering simple food service. They float the day’s menu on a WhatsApp group which comprises a number of households in their apartment complex. Adukkala meals are more of Kerala-style, but they also serve North Indian vegetation and non-vegetarian varieties. So, if you are really craving for some real and authentic Kerala style food Adukkala is the best choice.

10. Sangita’s Kitchen

In Bangalore, tiffin lunches are a common alternative, and one of the most well-known suppliers is Sangita’s Kitchen. supplying unquestionably a savoury dinner that may sate your appetite and fill you up. This Bangalore tiffin service offers the choice of a quick delivery within an hour. The same is true for those who are looking for a quick and filling meal. They also provide a plan for weekly subscriptions, on the other hand.

Everyone believes that a home-cooked supper is just what the body and mind need after a long day at work. Because all it takes is one bite of the food to make you forget about your troubles and allow you to enjoy it to its fullest. We would be glad to explore Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore more.

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This has the immediate effect of making Sangita’s culinary Tiffin Services available in Bangalore to everyone, including Delhi residents.

Customers at this Bangalore tiffin shop may design their own distinctive cuisine. Also, they will be delivered straight to your front door or business location. In a similar spirit, they provide conventional Indian dishes as menu choices.

The cuisine of Sangitas’ kitchen includes both comfort food and traditional Indian fare. The menu features delicacies like homemade vegetable curry, egg curry, and chicken curry, all of which come with a side of soft rotis. No more than a dash of oil and a dash of spice are needed to create the basic meal in their kitchen. The amount of food provided and the overall size of the meal are different between the Standard Meal and the Mini-Meal. There are alternatives for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Basic Meal occasionally comes with delicious side dishes and desserts, which is a nice bonus. know about more Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore.

11. MK Dabbawala.

The Dabbawala provides customers with a cuisine that has been carefully selected and varies each and every day. Their #aajkadabba idea is one of a kind, and the fact that it has something fresh each day guarantees that you won’t become bored. They are renowned for maintaining the authenticity of the classic flavours while at the same time ensuring that the meal is both fresh and incorporates some contemporary touches. They are presently functioning in several various places in Bangalore, such as Indiranagar, ITPL, AECS Layout, Domlur, Koramangala, and Bellandur, amongst many others. Their Dabbas are certainly becoming more intriguing as a result.

MK Dabbawala is a one-of-a-kind lunchbox delivery business in Bangalore that provides customers with a different meal on a daily basis. To find out more, go here. www.mkdabbawala.com

12.  Momscurry

Momscurry is one of the few tiffin delivery businesses in Bangalore that provides lunch and supper on a subscription basis for a period ranging from 3 to 25 days. They also provide both vegetarian and non-vegetarian combination meal options. It comprises roti, dal, sabzi, salad, raita, and one superfood, which may be anything from a grilled pear to dry fruit salad or quinoa soup. Their La Healthy Riz Combo is a tremendous hit, and it includes all of these components. They serve food that is both satisfying and good for you at the same time. know about more Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore.

To find out more, go here. www.momscurry.com


13. Bhavesh Tiffin Service

Dal, roti, and sabzi are some of the nutritious North Indian mainstays that Bhavesh Tiffin Service is renowned for serving. The firm mostly provides services to Domlur and Indiranagar. The traditional steel Tiffin’s used for lunch and dinner service are historically used to offer their meals, known as dabbas. And before you ask, yes, this meal, which costs Rs. 80, is vegetarian. This Dabba, which consists of dal, roti, rice, one dry or semi-dry dish, papad, and buttermilk, will make you feel satisfied.

14. Scullery House Tiffin

They provide roti, rice, curry, and sabzi for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. You may either reserve meals for the full month or place daily orders. Their service is mostly available in the regions of ITPL, Ramagondahalli, Siddapura, Prashathi Layout, Channasandra Layout, Whitefield Road, ECC Road, Borwell Road, and Kadugodi. You would likely pay Rs 85 for one meal from this tiffin service in Bangalore.

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15. Mother’s Meal

This is precisely what distinguishes them—a reasonably priced basic Ghar ki thali. One of the top Tiffin services in Bangalore is Mother’s Meal, an Indian fast food restaurant that prepares and delivers home-style thalis made with only the freshest ingredients.

16.  Tiffin Meal

You will receive delicious, savoury, and healthy lunch and dinner deliveries every single day that are prepared in a home-style environment. Using only reusable, food-grade tiffin boxes, Tiffin Meal is one of the Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore. These containers are good at preserving the food’s freshness and regulating its temperature. They are capable of making daily deliveries to your place of business or residence within the confines of their delivery area. e would be glad to explore Top Tiffin Services In Bangalore more.



When we experience food nostalgia, we are flooded with recollections, both clear and hazy, of people and places that we have left behind. Even when we are faced with a bewildering array of options, we all yearn for the Flavor of our mother’s signature curry or our grandmother’s stew. Yet the fact of the matter is that nothing can beat the cooking of your mother or the meals you grew up on… But, now that you are aware of its significance, you may select a meal plan from any of the aforementioned tiffin services in Bangalore to obtain the experience of eating food that was prepared at home.

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