Top Home Food Delivery In Bangalore Serves Regional Food

Top Home Food Delivery In Bangalore Serves Regional Food

top Home Food Delivery In Bangalore: Bangalore is a coastal state, however, the majority of its food is vegetarian. During your visit to Bangalore, try these traditional Gujarati meals. Bangalore’s home meal delivery app offers Gujarati cuisine.

Here Are Some Of The Bangalore’s Regional Food Listed From Top Home Food Delivery App In Bangalore:

Sangita’s Kitchen

Sangita’s Kitchen are well-known for their tasty food and wide variety in Bangalore. It also includes chapatis, biscuit bhakhris, and maize roles, as well as four different vegetable kinds, three namkeen items, three desserts, two different types of pulses, rice, and accompaniments including salads, pickles, curd, chutneys, and buttermilk. The finest feature of this thali is that a person may eat as much as they want to feel full. There is no restriction on serving sizes at the tables. A Gujarati Thali would typically cost between Rs. 100 and Rs. 120 per person from a Bangalore home meal delivery app.

Dhokla Gujarati Dish


The Gujarat region of India is where dhokla, a nutritious snack made from fermented chickpea batter and rice, first appeared. Spices like ginger and chili are added to the batter to improve the flavor of the meal. After baking, dhokla is commonly topped with coriander, coconut, or diced red chilies. It is frequently eaten with besan chutney.

Due to its popularity as a meal and a favorite vegetarian snack, dhokla is available in a variety of forms, including semolina, rice powder, and cheese dhokla. Given that dhokla is fluffy, low in calories, and high in protein, it should come as no surprise that it is still a mainstay meal in Bangalore.

Handvo Recipe in Hindi Photo.


The Gujarati handvo, a well-known savory cake or snack in India, originates in Gujarat. To the rice and lentils that are used in its preparation, vegetables like carrots, bottle gourds, and fenugreek are added. Because there are many different types of this savory cake, the ingredients of hot chili peppers, sesame seeds, ginger, and mustard seeds can also be anticipated.

Typically, rice and lentils are soaked, ground into a batter, and let all night to develop. All the remaining ingredients are blended with the batter, which is then added to a pot or skillet and cooked until the top is crisp and browned. Usually, handvo is served with green chutney.

It is a cake that is steamed and made primarily with rice flour. People use the usual spice mixture to give the food taste. Bangalore generally serves it for breakfast.

steamed methi muthia muthia


Despite being a typical Gujarati meal, muthia has several versions that use other vegetables like spinach, cabbage, or gourds. Whether steamed or fried, muthia is frequently garnished with chopped coriander, sesame, and mustard.

A muthia is a steamed gram flour dumpling. Fenugreek, salt, turmeric, and pepper are the spices in the batter. The dumpling is then cooked with mustard seeds and curry leaves.


Khandvi %2810497367994%29

Before baking, the mixture is formed into tiny, bite-sized balls. It is often eaten as a nibble or a starter and is served hot or cold.

Oftentimes, chutneys or cheese gratings are used to spice up these tasty bites. For khandvi, coconut or coriander are recommended as garnishes.

It is a roll made from gram flour and sweet yogurt or curd. When the batter is dry, fried mustard seeds, curry leaves, coriander, and occasionally shredded coconut are sprinkled on top. Lunch usually includes a dish called khandvi as a side.


Vaghareli Khichdi from Gujarat is a calming food. Home Chefs Bangalore prepares khichdi every week because it is quick, simple, and filling. Additionally, it aids with digestion. This basic khichdi may be prepared in a variety of ways. Every nation, and every family, has a favorite way to make khichdi.


This classic and unique khichdi recipe calls for rice, dal, a few veggies, and sour buttermilk. It is recognized for tasting and tasting like the most well-known masala khichdi, even though it has various tastes and flavors. It is a filling meal that the body can digest with ease and is highly healthy. It is often eaten for lunch or dinner with Gujarati thepla and a pickle of choice.

The primary food in almost all Gujarati homes is khichdi. Khichdi is made comprised of lentils and uncooked rice. A traditional Gujarati khichdi has yellow and split moong lentils. Khichdi is generally served with pickles and buttermilk. The dish is delicious and the healthiest.

Fafda And Jalebi

Fafda is a crunchy snack. Besan/chickpea flour, a few spices, and baking soda are the main components. Jalebi, which is deep-fried, crunchy, sweet pretzels, is another option. Gujaratis place such a high significance on this meal that many homes only offer it on Sundays. It is a special breakfast on Vijayadashami or Dussehra as well.


Staring at the TV is how those with little knowledge of Gujarati cuisine learn about it. Fafda tastes best when paired with fried chilies, a raw papaya salad, and sweet, syrupy jalebis. Jalebi may be made vegetarian, however, fafda is vegan. We fry it in ghee to provide more crunch.

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The easiest breakfast to get when traveling in Gujarat, a western state of India, is fafda. You might not comprehend the crazy around it if you do this for the first time on your own. You’ll appreciate it more, though, if you serve it with papaya sambhar, chutney, and fried green chilies. The mixture of Jalebi becomes essential when you can taste the chili heat and wish to temper it.

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Sev Usal

This is another ragda-based Indian meal that is spicily delicious. The best meal usual may be created at home by mixing ragda with grated carrots, grated potatoes, chopped onions, and a tonne ofmeal The addition of flavorful chutneys such as zesty garlic chutney, sweet and sour date tamarind chutney, and fragrant green coriander chutney enhances this Gujarati dish. Simply follow our step-by-step pictorial recipe to make it for yourself.


Everything is wonderful in Gujarat. It differs from other dishes in the country since even sour food has a sense of sweetness.

Top Home Food Delivery In Bangalore Serves Regional Food
Top Home Food Delivery In Bangalore Serves Regional Food

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