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If you are searching tiffin service near me. Then We Are The Best Tiffin Services Provider In Bangalore

tiffin service near me
tiffin service near me
Our Belief

tiffin service near me

We at Sangita’s Kitchen we believe that when we serve food to someone, we are inviting them to our family and they become an integral part of our family.

Sangita’s Kitchen is one of the foremost tiffin services providers in Bangalore.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and outstanding home-cooked food services is one of the most reasons behind our rapid expansion. The company has continued to enhance food quality since its first establishment in Bangalore, India in 2019 and has made internal control a priority. 

Its food quality and hygiene have reached high-level professional standards. We are diligent in staying au courant the newest food trends are hooked into creating customized menus and culinary masterpieces for our personalized clients. We are the best services provider if you are searching tiffin service near me.

We can get you the best We Are The Best Services Provider If You Are Searching Tiffin Service in Bangalore.

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tiffin services in banglore
Our Story

Our Story started with very humble, we used to cook for a small gatherings especially for the youths. When we served them they always asked us if we could make them lunch or dinner because they could not find homely food anywhere and were tired of ordering and eating from outside. So finally after persuasion of many youths we decided to help them by cooking and delivering them our home cooked food.

From 5 it became 10 and from 10 it went to 50 and so on. We had to enlarge our kitchen and hearts as well for the dire youths, working professionals and students. We see many young men and women coming from different parts of India to build their dreams. But Bangalore has its way to pulling everyone into a culture of extravagant lifestyle. Along with that unhealthy food habits and untimely food habits starts inculcating.

We would love to help those young adults tired of this lifestyle. They have come far from home to work well and earn well. We encourage them to focus more on their work and studies and leave all the worrying about food to us.

We at Sangita’s Kitchen we believe that when we serve food to someone, we are inviting them to our family and they become an integral part of our family, and their well being and health is our concern as well.

Here in our kitchen we garnish your food with love and passion with very fresh ingredients to see a healthier India.

Sangita's kitchen

Healthiest Tiffin In Bangalore

We provide healthy and yummy tiffin services in Bangalore.

We Are Now Accepting Orders Only 5 Km Radius From Koramangala.

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6 days a week
8:00 - 20:30

#173, 17th C Main Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034

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