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How Sangita’s Kitchen No-Touch Food Facility Works from the Kitchen to the Plate 2022.

Kitchen to the Plate: So, the coronavirus has brought the entire globe to a standstill. But we’re not going to let that get in the way of our residents’ excellent and healthy meals.

That’s why we’ve moved away from our buffet style and toward pre-packaged, sanitized tray meals. It’s part of our ‘no-touch’ food facility, where no human interaction is made between the kitchen and the residents.

  • However, the overall process of making the food COVID-proof takes longer. Let’s have a look at it. Lets know more about No-Touch Food Facility Works from the Kitchen to the Plate.

The Planning

We plan our menus six days ahead of time, based on the residents’ preferences (do they favor reties or rice?). Do they like North or South Indian cuisine? Or are they die-hard foodies looking for a mix of everything?)

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Into the kitchen 

The menus are forwarded to the culinary staff once they have been ordered, and they obtain the correct ingredients. We can’t be all ready to make lemon rice for tens of thousands of folks only to discover we don’t have any lemon. Alternatively, rice might be used.

The next step is to sanitize all utensils, bain-maries, and tables used to pack the meals the night before delivery. To prevent extraneous particles from dropping on the trays, they are maintained upside down.

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The Cooking 

Even though we get our raw components from reputable sources, we don’t take any chances. Before being cooked, all veggies and other components are sanitized. Cooking them at high degrees, of course, destroys any remaining remnants of the virus.

  • Lets know more about No-Touch Food Facility Works from the Kitchen to the Plate.
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    The Day of Delivery

    Our pre-packaged meals must arrive at their destinations hot. As a result, the most important factor is timing.

    All trays are packaged to exact specifications 25 minutes prior to shipping. That means everything is estimated in advance, right down to the number of seconds it takes to load one tray.

    Food handlers are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a hair net, face masks, goggles, gloves, and an apron, and to operate as a team. They begin by heating the bain-maries. The pans carrying the food are then placed on bain-maries to keep them warm as they fill trays, pack them, and stack them in insulated containers.

  • Lets know more about No-Touch Food Facility Works from the Kitchen to the Plate.
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    Route to The Residence

    When it’s time, trolleys are used to put the insulated containers carrying the meals onto the truck. The driver then weaves his way through traffic to get at the house while the dinners are still hot (all while wearing face masks and gloves, what an expert!).

    The No-contact Serving

    The containers are unloaded on designated tables once they arrive at the home. The Resident Captains assume command from here. They place all of the trays in the dining hall, where all of the resident’s queue up (with a 6-foot spacing) and pick up their trays one by one.

    (Yes, it appears like pupils are forming a line to receive rewards from the principal on an annual day.) A hot, delicious, and safe lunch, on the other hand, is nothing short of a prize during COVID-19.)

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    Back to The Kitchen

    Of course, the delivery isn’t finished yet. The trays are returned to the kitchen and quickly cleansed and sanitized before being utilized for the next batch of meals. It’s imperative that the performance go on.

    Or, to put it another way, the hungry locals must be fed. this is how How Sangita’s Kitchen No-Touch Food Facility Works from the Kitchen to the Plate 2022.

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