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Starting from rs. 792 Weekly, Monthly, Veg/ Nonveg Meal Subscriptions

We provide the best tiffin services in Bangalore, If your are searching “tiffin centers near me” The greatest challenge that Sangita’s Kitchen realized with Tiffin Services in Bangalore was monotony in food and consistency in taste and hence they came up with Sangita’s Kitchen, here are the easy steps to order mouth-watering meals from us. Best Bangalore Tiffin Centers Near Me


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Tiffin Centers Near Me

Sangita’s Kitchen Tiffin Service Are Renowned For Its Wholesome North Indian Staples Of Dal-Roti-Sabzi.

Our Dabbas Are Served Normally In Those Old-School Steel Tiffins Which Are Provided For Lunch And Supper. And Indeed, This Is A Veg Only Dinner Priced At Rs.89, Dal, Roti, Rice, One Dry/Semi-Dry Curry, Papad, Chicken Meals, Egg Meals, This Dabba Is Guaranteed To Give You A Sense Of Satisfaction.

We Are One Among The Best Bangalore -Tiffin-Centers

We understand how tough it is to maintain a balanced diet whether you have a job, attend to school, or live on your own, but we strongly urge that you reconsider. Hasn’t it been long enough since you examined the top lunch delivery places in Bangalore? If you live in or in the Indiranagar, HSR Layout, or Koramangala regions of Bangalore and you’re seeking for quick weekly access to fresh, healthy meals, Sangita’s Kitchen is the place to go.

You won’t find better tiffins anyplace else in Bangalore than with us. To prepare delectable variants on classic meals, North Indian home cooks utilise only the best and freshest ingredients and never any additions. Meal plans from Tiffin can be adjusted before subscription, so they work for your tastes and routine. All right, in Bangalore, let’s eat some tiffin lunch.

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Are you Looking for Monthly/ Weekly Tiffin Services?

Bangalore is home to the top meal subscription service in the country, whether you’re searching for lunch or dinner each month. You’ve searched high and low for a good Bangalore subscription service that delivers lunch or dinner, but you’ve come up empty. Furthermore, you may have thought, “Will I ever locate a Tiffin service near me that isn’t too expensive?”

Your Dissatisfaction Is Heard and Noted. For the past year, remote workers have faced increasing challenges. It can feel like you’re always working. Since the laptop mishap, you’ve been too discouraged to make a proper supper for yourself and instead opt for a Maggie binge. Furthermore, if your dinner doesn’t leave you drooling, you probably aren’t eating enough. After all, eating is a healing activity. Top Local Tiffin Service is being discussed.

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Order Timings:
Lunch Same day 7am, Dinner Same Day 3pm, Breakfast 1 day prior

Delivery Timings:
Lunch 12 to 2pm,Dinner 7pm to 9pm,Brakfast 8am to 9am


Thus, I present to you the finest menu of authentic, home-cooked classics… Browse the links below for more information. Check Best Tiffin Centers Near Me

Weekly Tiffin Services From Rs. 792/-

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How we work

We have VEG/NON VEG options

Best Food Quality

We provide the best Food quality Ingrediency.


We are providing the most affordable tiffin services in Bangalore. Best Value For Money Meal Packages.


Food Items all are home cooked with most hygienic ingredients. With Utmost Care.

Pause & Reschedule

You Can Pause and Reschedule all the meals as per your Convenient. You Will CRM access to manage all the subscriptions.

Easy Cancellation

Easy To cancel and, Amount will be added to your account wallet for your Future Use.

Delicious Manu varieties

We never repeat our menu, our Complete Complete menu is full of richness and Varieties with Traditional indian cuisines.

Order Timings:
Lunch Same day 7am, Dinner Same Day 3pm, Breakfast 1 day prior

Delivery Timings:
Lunch 12 to 2pm,Dinner 7pm to 9pm,Brakfast 8am to 9am


How do we work?

You may stop your search for “tiffin Centers near me” here with us since we provide the greatest services available anywhere in Bangalore. If you are in the Bangalore area, come see us. While Sangita’s Kitchen was delivering tiffin services in Bangalore, the monotony of the cuisine and the consistency in the taste was the most challenging issue they faced.

As a consequence of this, they developed the concept of Sangita’s Kitchen, and the following are the easy steps that you need to take in order to place an order with us for some meals that will make your mouth water. Tiffin Centers of the Highest Quality in Bengaluru

Even while we are fully aware of how difficult it may be for you to maintain a diet that is both nutritious and balanced, especially if you have a job, go to school, or live on your own, we strongly suggest that you give this option some additional consideration. When was the last time you conducted some research to determine which restaurants in Bangalore had the most reliable delivery service for lunch? If you live in or around the areas of Indiranagar, HSR Layout, or Koramangala in Bangalore and you’re looking for convenient weekly access to fresh and nutritious meals, Sangita’s Kitchen is the place to go.

Tiffins of a superior quality can be obtained nowhere else in Bangalore other than at our store, therefore don’t bother looking elsewhere. Instead of relying on any form of additions, home cooks in North India rely solely on the finest and freshest ingredients to create tasty renditions of traditional recipes. Tiffin gives you the ability to customise your meal plans before you subscribe to them, which makes them more relevant to your preferences as well as your busy schedule. Since that we are currently in Bangalore, how about we get a tiffin supper on the go?

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We Are the foremost tiffin services in Bangalore. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and outstanding tiffin service

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Order Timings:
Lunch Same day 7am, Dinner Same Day 3pm, Breakfast 1 day prior

Delivery Timings:
Lunch 12 to 2pm,Dinner 7pm to 9pm,Brakfast 8am to 9am

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