How to prepare Set Dosa

Set dosa recipe with images showing how to make a soft, light, and spongy dosa. Set dosas are soft dosas that are served as a set of three dosas each meal. Let’s know about How to prepare Set Dosa.

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Davanagere benne dosa reminds me of set dosa. Davanagere benne dosa with spicy coconut chutney and bland potato filling was delicious. It was so delicious that we can recall the flavour to this day. I intend to provide a recipe for davanagere benne dosa as well. Let’s know more about How to prepare Set Dosa 2022.

Our first encounter with set dosa occurred in one of the city’s hotels in Bangalore. It was a treat to eat these soft dosas with vegetable sagu sauce since they soaked up the liquid like a sponge. Set dosa with veg sagu was a delicious combo. Let’s know about How to prepare Set Dosa.

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Later, when we were in Goa, we used to get set dosas from an udupi restaurant, which offered the dosas topped with onions and served with the traditional sambar and coconut chutney.

At home, I make set dosas using this recipe. Some recipes call for curd or buttermilk, but I don’t use it in my dosas. Poha, or flattened rice, is added to the batter for lightness and sponginess. In addition, the amount of urad dal used is reduced. Set dosas, on the other hand, are not the same as Poha dosas. Let’s know about How to prepare Set Dosa.

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This set dosa batter may also be used to create benne dosa. Simply replace the oil with butter when making the dosas. Set dosas are usually only cooked on one side. I fry them on both sides to ensure good and equal cooking. I’ve demonstrated two techniques for making these sponge dosas in the step-by-step photos.

These sponge dosas are also great for a tiffin snack since they stay soft even after cooling down and even after 4 to 5 hours. Set dosas can also be taken on a picnic with idli podi or a dry peanut or sesame chutney.

Serve set dosas with coconut chutney, vegetable sagu, potato sagu, or sambar.

How to prepare Set Dosa.

How to make set dosa


1. Combine 1 cup idli dosa rice or parboiled rice (200 grammes), 2 tablespoons whole urad dal, and 7 to 8 fenugreek seeds in a dish or skillet. I used idli rice in this recipe. Regular short-grained rice, such as sona masuri rice, can also be used.

2. Rinse all of the ingredients thoroughly.


3. Drain the water and set it aside.

4. Next, measure 12 cup thick poha into a separate dish, pan, or cup (50 grams). Rinse the poha with water once or twice.

5. Strain the poha and combine it with the rice, urad dal, and methi seeds in a mixing dish.

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6. Soak all of the ingredients in 1.5 cups of water for 5 to 6 hours.

7. After that, strain well. Keep the strained water aside. This filtered water will be used for grinding.

Making set dosa batter.

How to prepare Set Dosa.

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8. Fill a wet grinder jar halfway with the soaking materials. You can fill the jar halfway or completely, depending on the size.

9. Pour in 12 cup of filtered water and blend well. Rice grains with a consistency similar to idli rawa can be used.

10. Pour the batter into a large mixing basin or baking pan. I did two batches of grinding. I used 12 cup water in the first batch and 14 cup water in the second. During the grinding process, I added a total of 34 cup water. If the grinder gets too hot, wait for it to cool down before continuing to grind. Let’s know about How to prepare Set Dosa.

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10. Add 14 tsp sugar to the mixture.

11. Combine everything well. Cover the batter with a cover and leave it to ferment for 8 to 9 hours, or longer, depending on the temperature in your city.

The fermenting batter the next day. The temperature in the night when I made this batter was 16 degrees Celsius. For 13 hours, I put the batter in a warm location in the kitchen. You can ferment the batter for 8 to 20 hours, depending on the climate in your location.

13. This is the batter’s consistency after it has been stirred.

How to prepare Set Dosa.
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14. Add 12 tsp salt and 14 tsp baking soda to the mixture. You can adjust the salt to your preference.

15. Combine everything well. In the dosa batter, the soda should be uniformly distributed.

16. If the batter appears to be too thick, add more water. Before making the dosas, I added 14 cup of water. After you’ve added the water, stir it in well.

Method 1 – cooking set dosa

17. Preheat an iron griddle or tawa. Spread some oil in the centre. You don’t need to oil a nonstick pan. The tawa should be heated but not scorching. If the pan is excessively hot, the dosa will get too browned or burned due to uneven cooking. When the tawa is hot, the dosa does not get mushy, and no bubbles or holes appear on the surface. You may adjust the flame from low to medium when cooking these dosas.

18. Pour a ladleful of batter onto the tawa and carefully spread it out.

19. To make a tiny dosa, gently distribute the batter. The size of these set dosas is somewhat larger than the normal dosa.

20. Drizzle some oil on both the edges and the top of the dish. You may also add grated carrots, beets, minced onions, and green chilies to the set dosa.

21. Flip the dosa when the base is brown and crisp.

22. Lift the dosa with a spatula and serve when the second side is brown and crisp as well. You may also keep the dosa warm in a saucepan.

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