How to prepare Masala Puri

How to prepare Masala Puri.

How to prepare Masala Puri : Masala puri is a delicious street cuisine snack that consists of layers of crispy puri, creamy and spicy white peas sauce, rich spices, and fresh vegetables. When you’re wanting a fun and delicious chaat, prepare our simple Bangalore masala puri! To prepare this delectable snack at home, follow the step-by-step directions and photographs provided here. let’s know more about How to prepare Masala Puri.

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About Masala Puri Chaat

Masala puri, a famous street food snack from Bangalore, India, is a popular street food snack. Masala puri is typically served in bowls with many layers of flavour. let’s know more about How to prepare Masala Puri.

Crispy puris are topped with fresh vegetables, bright ground spices, sev (fried gramme flour vermicelli) or crunchy bits of pani puri, and cilantro before being served. The outcome is a delicious snack with a fantastic textural mix and powerful tastes that are deep, somewhat sour, and acidic. Lets know more about How to prepare Masala Puri 2022.

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This masala puri is based on a dish from Aayis Recipes, however it’s made without the sweet tamarind chutney. It’s a layered street food snack that’s similar to Ragda Chaat but has an entirely different taste and flavour profile. (And don’t forget to try my Ragda Patties!)

It’s worth noting that you’ll need crispy Pani puri or Golgappa to create Bangalore masala puri at home. These may be produced at home or bought from a candy store or online grocery store. let’s know more about How to prepare Masala Puri.


It’s simple to make these crispy puris at home, and they can be made in big batches up to a day ahead of time. That way, when you want to prepare masala puri, you’ll be ready to go. let’s know more about How to prepare Masala Puri.

As soon as you combine and prepare this sour, spicy masala puri chaat appetiser, devour it!

How to make Masala Puri


Pressure cooking white peas

1. Rinse and soak 1 cup dried white peas overnight or for 8 to 9 hours in adequate water. These peas are pale cream or creamish yellow in hue.

Instead of white peas, you can use dried green peas or fresh green peas. If using fresh green peas, just pressure cook for 2 to 3 whistles or boil/steam until mushy in a pan. let’s know more about How to prepare Masala Puri.

aloo masala puri

2. Drain the water and place the soaked white peas in a pressure cooker on the burner. 14 teaspoon salt and 18 teaspoon turmeric powder should also be added (about 2 to 3 pinches ground turmeric).

3. Finally, pour in 2 glasses of water.

4. On medium heat, pressure cook for 15 to 20 minutes or 10 to 12 whistles. Only open the lid and check if the white peas are cooked once the pressure in the cooker has dropped on its own.

With a fork or spoon, you should be able to simply mash them. If they aren’t entirely done, add another 12 cup water and pressure cook for another 5 to 10 minutes.

5. The peas should be mushy and easily mashed. They shouldn’t be al dente or undercooked in the middle, since this might cause digestive issues and stomach pains. let’s know more about How to prepare Masala Puri.

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Making Masala Paste

  • 6. Make the delicious masala paste once the dried white peas have been cooked.
  • Add the following items to a spice grinder jar:
  • • 1 to 2 mace strands • 1 tablespoon coriander seeds • 2 cloves • 1 inch cinnamon • 12 teaspoon cumin seeds • 1 tiny piece of nutmeg (or 2 pinches nutmeg powder) • 2 marathi moggu (kapok or dried capers)
  • 7. Add 1 tablespoon roasted chana dal to the grinder jar at this point.
  • 8. Combine the following ingredients in a mixing bowl:
  • 3 to 4 medium garlic cloves (chopped)
  • ½ inch ginger (chopped)
  • ½ cup chopped coriander leaves
  • 1 to 2 green chilies (chopped)
  • ¼ cup tightly packed fresh coconut.

9. Stir in 14 cup cooked white peas and 13 cup water.

10. Grind to a fine, smooth paste. In the masala paste, make sure there are no lumps or small bits of any of the components. Remove from the equation.

11. In a medium-high-heat pan, heat 1 tablespoon oil. 13 cup finely chopped onions

You may use any oil with a neutral taste.

12. Combine all ingredients and cook for 1 to 2 minutes.

13. Finally, stir in 14 teaspoon red chilli powder. Cayenne pepper or spicy paprika can be used in place of red chilli powder. let’s know more about How to prepare Masala Puri.

Masala Puri

14. Finally, stir in the green masala paste.

15. Combine everything and cook for a minute.

16. Finally, add the rest of the cooked white peas.

17. Pour in 1 cup of water.

18. Season with 2 tablespoons sugar or salt and pepper to taste. As required, season with salt.

Masala Puri

19. Combine all ingredients together and cook on low to low-medium heat. Stir often to prevent the peas or gravy combination from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

20. Continue to cook for another 12 to 15 minutes, or until oil particles appear on the surface. The rawness of the masala should vanish as it cooks. Turn off the heat when you’re finished. Set aside, covered.

21. Meanwhile, coarsely chop 1 medium onion, 1 medium tomato, 1 small lime or lemon, and coriander leaves while the peas gravy is simmering. Remove from the equation.

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Assembling and making masala puri

22. Crush 4 to 5 Puri that we use for Pani puri on a platter.

23. Pour a large amount of peas gravy on top. If you want to add some sweetness, you may do it now with delicious Tamarind Chutney.

24. Serve with finely chopped onions and tomatoes on the side. If desired, grated carrot or beetroot can be added.

Whole Wheat Masala Puri

When unripe green mangoes are in season, another alternative is to add them.

25. Add chaat masala, black salt, or normal salt to taste. Drizzle some lemon juice over everything for a tangy finish.

26. Finish with a sprinkling of sev. Sprinkle crushed puris on top if you like the crunch of the pooris.

Instead of putting the puris in the bottom of the dish first, you may put them in the bottom and then top the masala puri chaat with more crushed puris.

27. Finally, garnish with chopped coriander leaves (cilantro).

28. Serve the masala puri in Bangalore style immediately soon. It’s a satisfying and nutritious snack. You may have it for brunch or as a late-night snack.

When you’re ready to eat, assemble and make this chaat snack. It’s best not to assemble and prepare it ahead of time since the puri and sev will get mushy.

However, you may prepare the various components of this meal ahead of time, such as the cooked white peas, masala paste, and peas gravy, and then construct the chaat afterwards.


What is the serving size for this masala puri recipe?

Because this meal is rather substantial, my recipe yields 4 big or 6 small portions. To get the exact amount of servings you need, split the recipe in half or double the ingredients.

What is the best way to serve masala puri chaat?

Serve with crumbled puri on top and chopped fresh cilantro and sev on the side. You may also serve the meal with a sweet tamarind chutney if desired.

Can Bangalore masala puri be made ahead of time?

It is not recommended that you prepare this full dish in advance. The crunchy puri will start to get soggy soon after it is made, so for the best taste, you should enjoy right away.

However, you can make and prep the ingredients – like the cooked peas, masala paste and peas curry – ahead of time. Keep separate until ready to assemble and serve the masala puri.

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