The 10 Top Gangtok Street Foods.

The 10 Top Gangtok Street Foods.

The town of Gangtok is located in a breathtaking region that is bordered on all sides by imposing mountains and lush greenery. It is a pilgrimage destination and well-known among hikers due to the fantastic treks that can be found there. It is a stunning site, and the sights are really amazing. And while you are out discovering the city, you really must try the local street cuisine in Gangtok. It will help you integrate with the culture of the city like never before! know about more Gangtok Street Foods.

For those of you foodies who want to have the most sumptuous experience there, here is a list of the greatest street foods Gangtok has to offer! Have a peek!


The thenthuk, a Tibetan dish that has established itself as one of Gangtok’s most well-liked street foods, is yet another delectable soup. Beef, wheat, chicken, or even vegetables can be used to cook it instead of vegetables. know about more Gangtok Street Foods.

Every every restaurant in Gangtok has it on their menu. Make it a point to try it while you are there exploring because it is one of the most popular street foods in Gangtok.


Phothshapa is one of the most popular street foods in Gangtok, and it is guaranteed to satisfy those who enjoy spicy food but are also conscious of their health. This dish’s three primary components are pork, radish, and chilli. The flavour will make your mouth water and awaken all of your taste buds whether you want to eat it with rice or chapati. Either a side dish or the main course might be served with it. know about more Gangtok Street Foods.

Phaspa Kesari Tours


This is supposedly one of Gangtok’s greatest street dishes, as you’ve probably heard. You may get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of this noodle soup. For foodies who enjoy tasty street food but are health-conscious, this dish is ideal.


One of the most recognizable street dishes in the city is unquestionably cotton cheese soup. Both residents and tourists find it to be highly appealing. It delivers an even higher level of attraction because you may have it garnished anyway you choose. This dish is one of the best street foods in Gangtok, therefore you must definitely try it if you’re there! know about more Gangtok Street Foods.

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Sel Roti

When you have tried all of the greatest street dishes that Gangtok has to offer, you should be sure to end your meal with something sweet like a Sel Roti. It is a delicious sweet bread that is native to Nepal. Typically, it is cooked around the time of festivals as a symbol of respect and concern for the people of Gangtok!


Momos are the most well-known and delectable type of affordable street food in Gangtok, thus you would be doing yourself a grave disservice if you overlooked them. Among the many options available to gratify your taste buds are a wide selection of mutton and chicken, as well as a variety of vegetables and paneer cheese. know about more Gangtok Street Foods.

The flavour is just as authentic as where it originated from, despite the fact that it can seem to be identical to those in your city, so trust the locals even if they seem like those in your city.

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Masauyra Curry

Regional food Masauyra Curry is well-liked not just in Gangtok but also across the rest of Sikkim. When it is made, the main component of the curry, fermented black gramme, resembles a ball.

The flavours of the curry make your taste buds salivate to the fullest extent when eaten with rice or bread. The Masauyra Curry is quite hot, as are the other meals that are offered on the streets of Gangtok. know about more Gangtok Street Foods.

Sha Phaley

Sha Phaley, a traditional dish from the Tibetan region, is one of the most well-liked foods offered on the streets of Gangtok. It is largely composed of a circular loaf that has been filled according to the season with different kinds of meat, cabbage, and onions. This dish should be enjoyable if you enjoy meat, fried food, and bread. Moreover, in some regions of the nation, cheese is a major component of the cuisine. 


Shimi Ko Achar

Shimi, a pickle prepared from string beans, is a common delicacy in Gangtok and can be seen on the platters of street sellers all around the city. Sesame seeds, green chilies, and lemon juice are added to the dish to provide spice, sourness, and flavour, respectively. Whether served with Sel Roti or another kind of flatbread, it tastes great. know about more Gangtok Street Foods.


The alcohol known as chhaang, which may be made from barley, rice, or millet, is said to have originated in Nepal and Tibet.

It is a great and all-natural alternative to beer or whisky, so if you’re an explorer and you enjoy such drinks, you should think about drinking this instead. When consumed during the chilly winter months, the beverage’s low alcohol content has a cooling effect. know about more Gangtok Street Foods.

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Another well-known dish that is typical of traditional Himalayan cuisine that is sold on the streets of Gangtok is sishnu soup. What could be more comforting on a winter evening than warming up with a cup of hot soup and a dish of rice?

The meal is further seasoned with cooked nettle leaves, garlic flakes, and a variety of additional ingredients to create a tasty soup. Because it is so easy to prepare, Gangtok provides a sizeable portion of this dinner to its visitors. know about more Gangtok Street Foods.


This is another another delicious Nepalese meal that goes great as a side dish with rice. The meal that the majority of us mistakenly refer to as veggie biryani is really chambray served with rice under the term pulao. It pairs really nicely with the Indian dish potato tikka. It is widely regarded as one of Gangtok’s greatest vegetarian street dishes.

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A traditional Nepalese dish called gundruk is pickled and served with green vegetables. Almost all of the ingredients for this vegan recipe, which also contains no animal products at all, are radishes, mustard greens, and cabbage leaves. A side dish to one of the other courses of a meal is usually always served with this dish. When you move throughout the city of Gangtok, you’ll notice a lot of people chewing on Gundruk soup.

Kodo Ko Roti

Millet bread is another popular street food in Gangtok that takes its inspiration to a large extent from Nepal. In addition to the finger tomato pickle that is often provided with it, you are free to have a regular pancake with whatever variety of pickles you choose. It is dark in colour, and despite the fact that it seems to be tough in its natural state, the texture is actually rather smooth.

kodo ko roti


Kinema, which is a meal that is produced from fermented soybeans, is typically used as a replacement for meat in the markets of Gangtok. The region that is now eastern Nepal included a section of the state of Sikkim, Kalimpong, and Limbuwan. Here is where the dish first emerged. Kinema may be whipped up into a savoury soup and served over rice, or it can be used as a spread on bread. It is considered to be one of the most delicious breakfast alternatives in Gangtok.

Together with a fascinating variety of eating alternatives, Gangtok is home to virtually all of the delectable specialties that the cuisine of this area has to offer. These delicacies may be found in Gangtok presented in the most opulent, wonderful, and authentic form conceivable. Momos, Thukpa, Wonton, Gyathuk, and Thenthuk, in addition to a pork patty cooked in the manner of Sikkim and known as Shah-Phaley, are some of the items that just must not be missed by visitors visiting Gangtok.

In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of traditional soups, almost all of which are unique to the area. It is an essential need that you try some Chang while you are in this region. Chang is a native alcoholic beverage that is manufactured here. The restaurants also have genuine examples of Tibetan and Indo-Chinese cuisines, both of which are worthy of your consideration and ought to be tried at least once.

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