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Ten Enticing, Spicy Foods That We All Want To Eat While It’s Raining

Foods for rainy season: The monsoon season is that time of year when your heart and mind automatically begin to feel fantastic. When it’s pouring outside, there are only two things your heart truly desires: romance and delectable, mouthwatering cuisine. We wish to provide a short list of a few foods that are traditionally associated with the monsoon season to help quell your appetite.

1. Bhutta (Corn)

Pick up the “Bhutta waala bhaiya” who is closest to you whether you enjoy spicy cuisine or even if you don’t. With your friends and family by your side, savoring stove-hot bhutta in the open, it tastes much better. Just make sure your bhutta is appropriately garnished with plenty of spice and lemon juice. Let’s know more about Foods for rainy season.

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2. Pakoras

During the monsoon, scrumptious pakoras and a cup of tea make for an amazing combo. You may change your selection by selecting from a variety of onion, potato, cauliflower, and paneer pakoras. The finest choice for pakoras is homemade or purchasing them from a street vendor with imli chutney and mint sauce on top.

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3. Samosa

This monsoon, samosas are another another delectable snack. The day when people only had potato samosa on their menu is long gone; today, you may pick from a broad variety of specialty samosas. Pasta samosa, chilly-paneer samosa, nutria samosa, keema samosa, and many other varieties are available. So simply slobber on them without thinking twice.


4. Masala Chai

What could be better than sipping a cup of masala chai while listening to your favourite music track while sitting at your roof shed and enjoying a few light raindrops? A strong cup of masala chai with ginger and green cardamom can work wonders for reducing tension. Let’s know more about Foods for rainy season.

Masala Chai

5. Kachoris

What more could you want in the rain than the flavour of lip-smacking kachoris accompanied with a fiery potato curry? To put the icing on the cake, offer hot fries and chips. Sounds incredible? Is it not? Let’s know more about Foods for rainy season.

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6. Soup

This monsoon, all you need is a bowl of hot soup, whether it’s a vegetable or clear soup. This time of year not only offers joy but also a lot of flus and illnesses. A cup of nutritious soup can satisfy both your warm taste sensations and your desire to be healthy.

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7. Momos

This wet season, a plate of delectable chicken or vegan dim sum is a must-have. The entrance to heaven is opened with hot, steaming momos that are served with a spicy garlic chutney and mayonnaise.

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8. Jalebi

Why not expand your list of monsoon diaries to include a sweet dish? In the monsoon, garma-garam thin jalebis are mouthwateringly good. Samosas and circular-shaped jalebis dunked in sweet syrup are almost the ideal combo.

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9. Roasted Chicken Tikka

Isn’t roasted chicken with mint sauce and a rainy background the perfect combination? This monsoon season, the crispy roasted chicken with the onion rings is the ideal craving-buster for non-vegetarians.

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10. Vada-paav

Due to its popularity and adoration among fans of street cuisine, vada pav is offered in stores, on the grounds of universities, and outside of schools all throughout Mumbai.
Even though it is one of Mumbai’s most basic street dishes, it is excellent and wonderful. The main component of a vada pav is batata vada, which is sandwiched between two pieces of a pav (dinner roll) and covered in sweet, green, and dry garlic chutneys.

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