Diwali Sweets in Bangalore

Diwali Sweets in Bangalore

Diwali Sweets in Bangalore: One of the most highly awaited Indian holidays, Diwali, has finally arrived. As the auspicious day approaches, we have started to adorn our houses and offices and prepare for house parties and get-togethers. And as we all know, the main focus of any gathering, including the Diwali celebration, is the food. If you’re concerned that the abundance of desserts on the Diwali menu may hinder your efforts to lose weight thus far, relax!

Since we discovered a variety of sugar-free mithais that are simple to prepare at home and will support the booze portion of your eating regimen goals. These mithais are by far the best; they require minimal effort and investment, are enhanced organically by organic ingredients and taste amazing.

Even better, these mithais are wonderfully delectable, involve minimal time and effort, and have natural fruit sugars added. Who could ask for more? Try these delicious, sugar-free Diwali snacks that are also healthy: let’s know more about Diwali Sweets in Bangalore.

Khaas Mali

Why stick to conventional sweets when you can branch out and treat your taste buds to this delicious dessert? Given that it is created using the traditional gajar ka halwa and is covered in thin sheets, the Khaas Malpoi is the finest pastry to wow guests this holiday season.

Grilled Almond Barfi

Badam Burfi

Barfis are in our hearts, thus Diwali festivities would not be the same without them. Make this grilled Almond Sugar-free Barfi for Diwali instead of the ones that are filled with sugar. This simple three-ingredient recipe for almond barfi is packed with the deliciousness of properly roasted almonds and fragrant khoya. let’s know more about Diwali Sweets in Bangalore.

Fig Mousse

Figs (Anjeer), which have a distinctive flavor, are wonderful winter fruit that we love to munch on. Why not make your love for Anjeer into a decadent dessert? Anjeer mousse is the ideal holiday treat to satisfy your love of both conventional desserts and unique flavors. let’s know more about Diwali Sweets in Bangalore.

Faldhari Badam Ki Barfi

Bhang Ki Barfi Recipe

This holiday, you may indulge in a sugar-free mithai without worrying about your well-being. Almonds, walnuts, and figs—healthy nuts—as well as Mawa are used to make it. Before serving, prepare the mawa and almonds, mix the ingredients, and plate and chop the dish. The meal is ready for serving after a last flavor-enhancing sprinkle of nutmeg powder.

Rose Kalakand

Coconut Rose Kalakand

Who doesn’t like the beautiful scent of roses? Consider tasting it first. We can promise you that rose coconut kalakand is among the best sweets ever, even though it is a relatively unknown treat. The sweet, which is created with unsweetened rose syrup and tastes like a piece of paradise, is a lovely addition to your Diwali gift baskets. let’s know more about Diwali Sweets in Bangalore.

Pumpkin Petha

pumpkin petha recipe 429057397

Petha, which is composed completely of vegetables and is renowned for having a crunchy yet juicy texture, is a great choice. The finest sweet chewing may be achieved by swapping an obvious high sugar content for a natural sugar supplement. let’s know more about Diwali Sweets in Bangalore.



How can one discuss decadent Christmas treats without bringing up phirni? What capacity! Our traditional Christmas delicacies have always included the opulent and delicious Phirni. You may also make this well-known, velvety-smooth dish without using sugar. This sweet treat will make you fall in love with it all over again. It is finished with rose pith, and the embellishments consist of crushed almonds and pasta.

Coconut Barfi


A delightful combination of dry and tropical fruits known as coconut barfi is a national favorite in India. Compared to another sweet that is barren and sweetened, the treat that is already made of fruit and is sugar-free is better for you. The greatest thing is that you can rapidly make this dessert at home with milk, coconut that has been shredded, and sugar alternatives made from natural ingredients.

Oats Kheer

The epitome of tradition is kheer. Kheer, a popular Indian dessert, becomes more nutrient-dense when oats take the place of rice. Kheer transforms into a guilt-free, sugar-free pleasure when other nutritious ingredients like saffron, flax seeds, cardamom, and almonds are added.

Apple Sandesh

When talking about Indian sweets, West Bengal must inevitably come up. The earliest version of this delicious pastry, which also comes in a version without sugar, is known as Sandesh. However much milk and curds are in the treat, the version with apple is a little bit superior.

Quinoa Phirni

Quinoa Phirni is a delectable dish that can be produced by swapping out the rice with a healthier and more nutrient-dense component. Most people find this meal to be fulfilling, especially if you’re trying to avoid eating a lot of sweets. It is enhanced with ghee, saffron, milk, and khoya.

Lauki Kheer

As the phrase goes, don’t judge a book by its cover since adding a vegetable to a dessert might not sound all that appetizing. For individuals with diabetes, improving Lauki Kheer with skimmed milk, chia seeds, green cardamom, and jaggery results in a delicious, enticing, and healthy treat.

Flaxseed Ladoo

This dish deserves further notice because it has an intriguing component arrangement. The broken wheat (Dalia) and flax seeds combine with ghee, almonds, pistachios, and cardamom powder to create a delicious and nutritious dessert.

Caramelized Lotus Seeds

As the phrase goes, don’t judge a book by its cover since adding a vegetable to a dessert might not sound all that appetizing. By enhancing Lauki Kheer with skimmed milk, chia seeds, green cardamom, and jaggery, an interesting, nutritive, and delectable dessert suitable for those with diabetes are created.

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Apricot Shrikhand

This traditional dessert is bright, healthy, filling, and sugar-free, so you can enjoy it without feeling bad. It is created with apricots, yogurt, water, and pistachios.

Ragi Ladoo

The sugar-free ragi laddus, one of the most well-liked sweets from the Order home food delivery app, blends the greatest attributes of each of its ingredients and is served to you in a nutritious container. You may get and experience a wonderful, handcrafted, Sugar-Free Ragi Laddu from Foods online.

Chana Barfi

Roasted Chana Dal Barfi is one of the meals that is well-known. One of our products will win your heart since it is so excellent. Chana dal barfi is a typical dessert. Almost all Indians enjoy it. It will leave everyone who eats it, not only Indians, wanting more. For Diwali presents, wedding thank-you gifts, and other festive events, this chana dal barfi is perfect.

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