Covid 19 Safety

Summary Of All Of Sangita’s Kitchen COVID-19 Related Initiatives.

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rice+ Roti+ dal+ Main Dish+ dry Dish

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Words From Our Founder Sangita.

No One Could Have Ever Imagined Or Planned For The Planet We Live In Today. The Planet Has Come To A Halt, And Unfortunately, The Restaurant Industry That We Are In Is One Of The Worst-Hit. It’s In Times Like These Once We Actually Need To Rise To The Occasion And Support One Another To The Simplest Of Our Abilities.

Contactless Delivery

Amidst The Present Lock-Down Situation In India, Ensuring Delivery Of Safe, Hygienic Food To Our Customers Is Paramount For Us. To Make Sure This, We’ve Launched Contactless Delivery. Customers Can Prefer To Allow The Delivery Person To Go Away The Package Outside Their Home, Ensuring No Human-To-Human Interaction And Hence Lowering The Risk Of Any Transmission. The Most Important Parts Of COVID 19 Safety

Face masks

We Believe That Everyone Should Wear Masks For The Sake Of Others, If Not For Themselves. Therein Spirit, We’ve Distributed And Still Distribute Face Masks To Our Delivery Person To Stay Them, Also As Our Customers, Safe From The Spread Of An Unlikely Infection. We Also Are Continuously Educating Our Delivery Partners On Hygiene Practices (Not To The Touch Face, Nose, Sneeze In The Elbow, Etc.) To Make Sure Their Own Also Because Of The Ecosystem’s Safety.

The safety and health of our customers are crucial to us

We At Sangita’s Kitchen Are Working Diligently To Form Sure All Procedures Suggested By The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Are Being Closely Followed And Are Working With Local Officials For Guidance While Navigating These Evolving Circumstances.
In Our Facility, We’ve Increased Our Daily Cleaning Routines, Including More Frequent Hand Washing (Every Hour And Between Tasks), Use Of Hand Sanitizer, And Sanitation Of All Equipment And Therefore The Entire Facility (Multiple Times A Day).
Conducting Wellness Checks Of Our Employees.
Elevated Frequency Of Employee Personal Hygiene.


Although The Transmission Of COVID-19 Has Not Been Linked To Food And Food Packaging By The USDA Or The FDA, Safety Will Remain A Top Priority. We’ll Still Explore Additional Tools, As These Unique Circumstances Evolve.
At This Point We Encourage People To Undertake Our Cornmeal Delivery Service And Limit Themselves To Exposure Of Crowds At Stores. We’ll Still Serve And Deliver Home Style, Healthy, And Fresh Foods .

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Order Timings:
Lunch Same day 7am, Dinner Same Day 3pm

Delivery Timings:
Lunch 12 to 2pm,Dinner 7pm to 9pm

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