Best Tiffin Services In Bangalore 2022

Bangalore’s Tiffin Services are sprouting up like tech companies in the region – there’s one everywhere. After all, why not? While most teenagers are preoccupied with coding, marketing, and architecture, they rarely have time to cook.

By providing nutritious and homey meals at super-affordable rates, these Dabba services in Bangalore have proven to be the most devoted friends of students. Not only that, but the best tiffin services in Bangalore offer a variety of new cuisines that we have never heard of before. In other words, these Bangalore tiffin services 2022 offer flavors from all over the world.

Best Tiffin Services In Bangalore

In no particular order, here is a list of Bangalore’s top 8 tiffin services:

Sangita’s kitchen.

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Best Tiffin Services In Bangalore

Sangita’s Kitchen Tiffin Service is well-known for their wholesome dal-roti-sabzi fare. Their dabbas are typically served in the old-fashioned steel Tiffin’s that are used for lunch and dinner. And yes, this is a Veg Only meal for Rs.89, with dal, roti, rice, one dry/semi-dry curry, papad, chicken meals, and egg meals, this Dabba is sure to satisfy.

Sangita’s kitchen, which is currently available in and around Indiranagar, HSR Layout, and BTM in Bangalore, is a great solution for those looking for healthy meals on a daily basis. They offer North Indian meal choices that are additive-free and prepared by home chefs using the highest quality and freshest ingredients. Tiffin’s meal plans are available on a subscription basis and can be tailored to suit your nutritional needs and comfort.

Masala Box.

Best Tiffin Services In Bangalore
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Masala Box, Bangalore’s most popular online tiffin service, provides both North Indian and South Indian meals on a monthly basis. Their recipes have been passed down through generations of well-known chefs, and they are now winning the hearts of students all over the world. But hold on, that’s not it. They have two menus that can be customized to your needs: a Classic Menu (for simple three-course meals) and a Treat Menu (for weekends and the last day of tests, when you want to indulge in a five-course meal).

Tiffin Meal.

Best Tiffin Services In Bangalore

Tiffin Meal is another one of Bangalore’s best tiffin facilities. They not only offer box meals on a daily basis, but they also have a “menu on demand,” cook with organic produce, and serve them in 100 percent reusable boxes. Basically, neither their delicious food nor the packaging would go to waste.

Bhavesh Tiffin Service

Best Tiffin Services In Bangalore

If you’re concerned about tiffin service prices in Bangalore, we can tell you about Bhavesh Tiffin Service, which offers meals for only $80. To beat the summer heat, they serve a glass of lassi with every meal (okay, we know Bangalore doesn’t get that hot, but who’s ever said no to a chilled beverage?).

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Oota Box

Best Tiffin Services In Bangalore

Oota Box connects you with home cooks Specializing in various cuisines from all over the city. North Indian and South Indian cuisines, as well as Jain and Italian cuisines, are all available. You should subscribe to their monthly plans if you’re an adventurous eater. Even if you aren’t a regular customer, you can sample their cuisine by placing a one-time order.


There will be no tension in this one! Their USP is home-style, non-spicy food that you can customize to your taste. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. They have choices for all your cravings, whether it’s simple roti-sabzi or a bowl of vermicelli. They even have combo packs for if your roommate eats more of your lunch than you do.

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Scullery House Tiffin

Scullery House is another well-known Dabba service provider in Bangalore, with locations throughout the region. You can order their vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals on a regular or monthly basis. This tiffin service is especially common in Whitefield, where people are sick of the canteen food at their workplaces. It fills their mouths with familiar flavours they had almost forgotten about.

MK Dabbawalla

When you order from MK Dabbawalla, you can always expect a pleasant surprise when you open your lunchbox. They change their menu every day and like to take old recipes and give them a new spin to keep the meals from being monotonous. While their name is traditional, the food is not 2022.

Roti Yana Tiffin Service

This Bangalore tiffin service is basically a food startup that serves both Indian and Chinese cuisine. Though they do serve people, the majority of their customers are corporate organizations and other event management firms. Serving over 5000 meals a day is routine when it comes to food delivery.

Tiffin ServicePrice Range
Sangita’s KitchenRs. 599/- Weekly
Masala BoxRs.650/- (onwards)
Tiffin MealRs.650/- (onwards)
Bhavesh Tiffin ServiceRs. 80 onwards
Oota BoxRs. 120 onwards
HomelyRs 200 for two
Scullery House TiffinRs. 65 onwards
MK DabbawalaUnavailable
RotiYana Tiffin ServiceRs. 400 for two

FAQs on Tiffin Services in Bangalore
Which are Bangalore’s Top 5 Tiffin Services?

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We couldn’t really choose only five tiffin services in Bangalore. We think they’re all equally nice and exclusive, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Which Bangalore Tiffin Services Provide the Healthiest Food?

When it comes to providing safe tiffin services in Bangalore, Sangita’s kitchen tops almost every list on the internet. If you live in a Stanza Living residence, however, all of your meals will be nutritious, homey, and, of course, delicious.

Which Tiffin Services in Bangalore Follow Covid-19 Guidelines?

There are several options. Although we cannot speak for others, the food served at Stanza Living is prepared in accordance with all COVID-19 protocols.

Which are the Top 3 Tiffin Services with Cost-Effective Prices?

While all of the tiffin services on our list are affordable, Sangita’s Kitchen, Tiffin Meal, and Bhavesh Tiffin Service win the prize for the most cost-effective plans and free delivery.


Which Tiffin Services in Bangalore Provide Homemade Food?

Sangita’s kitchen offer easy, nutritious meals, but Stanza Living is the place to go if you’re looking for homey meals that are almost as good as your mother’s.

Sangita's Kitchen
Sangita’s Kitchen

Sangita’s Kitchen Tiffin Service are known for their wholesome North Indian staples of dal-roti-sabzi. Their dabbas are served typically in those old-school steel tiffins which are served for lunch and dinner. And yes, this is a Veg Only meal priced at Rs.89, dal, roti, rice, one dry/semi-dry curry, papad, chicken meals, egg meals, this Dabba is bound to give you a feeling of satisfaction.

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