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Best Tiffin Services in Bangalore That Will Treat You To Ghar Ka Khaana:

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When nothing but ghar ka khaana will do the trick, these are the best tiffin services in Bangalore whose services you should engage.

While it happens to be one of the most common New Year’s resolutions you can make, eating healthier is a positive lifestyle change you should not hesitate to make at any time during the year. However, it’s something that’s easier said than done, especially if you’re not living at home.  Lets know more about Best Tiffin Services in Bangalore 2022.

When you return to your adopted home after a long day at work, you very rarely have the energy to cook yourself a wholesome meal. More often than not, you succumb to temptation and order some takeout from the nearest establishment that will deliver. However, if you’re based in Bangalore, you can change that unhealthy habit with some of the best tiffin services in Bangalore, that will ensure that you get your daily dose of homely goodness! Lets know more about Best Tiffin Services in Bangalore 2022.

Sangita’s Kitchen:

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One of our favourite city-based home cooks is now delivering daily dinners! There’s something for everyone with Vegetarian Standard (vegetable, daal, 4 rotis), Vegetarian Executive (2 vegetable, daal, rice, 3 rotis and raita), and Non-Vegetarian Executive (chicken, vegetable, rice, 3 rotis and raita).

They experiment with diverse cuisines and focus on maximising the usage of seasonal ingredients to keep things new. These folks don’t provide the same old daal and done-to-death aloo ki sabzi, which is why they’re one of Bangalore’s greatest tiffin services! You may request a mutton preparation for an extra Rs 75 if you order one of their non-vegetarian dishes. Simply give them a call and let them know what you’re looking for.

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Ghar ka khana or the tiffin is the perfect combo of spicy food and fresh cold salads. Also, all of us know that a decent tiffin is the best way to make our clients eat healthy, and avoid overeating. Do you know a good tiffin provider in Bangalore who will keep you waiting with ghar ka khana? Here’s a list of eateries and tiffin services that you should be talking to if you really want to make your clients happy with tiffin services. Let’s learn more about Tiffin Services in Bangalore 2022.

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Modern Kitchen:

What if I told you that you can skip the crowded dining destinations such as Koshy’s and Ms.K’s Kitchen and check out an all new place in SOBEL which is only a 10-minute walk away from SBI Chowk? Well, in Modern Kitchen, you will not have to wait for too long to get your ghar ka khana. Also, you can also skip the overwhelming varieties of fried food and opt for fresh salads in this place. For only ₹50, you can get these freshly made and hot ghar ka khana!

SOBEL Naik Vilas:

And finally, we end this article with a brand new place where you can enjoy all the ghar ka khana you want and at the same time you can always stay healthy. As the name suggests, you can opt for ghar ka khana with the healthy stuff – salads. However, if you want something more scrumptious, then there is also a soup option. Well, let’s say, you can simply look for their tiffin options and look for the one with the highest calorie count!
So, why do you think you should take a walk on the healthier side in SOBEL? Lets know more about Best Tiffin Services in Bangalore 2022.

In SOBEL, you can choose from various options of ghar ka khana – aloo paratha, paratha lassi, pao, chicken sandwich, chicken tikka paratha, khichdi, papad and chaat. Well, ghar ka khana is always the right option to have. And, after getting your ghar ka khana at Modern Kitchen, you will feel more in the tune with health and fitness. Also, with a big menu of ghar ka khana, SOBEL is the best option to get the best ghar ka khana in Bangalore.
So, hurry up and let us know which ghar ka khana you will be having with your clients in SOBEL. Let’s take a closer look into Tiffin Services in Bangalore 2022.

Sangita's Kitchen
Sangita’s Kitchen

A family run business offering simple food home cook food service. They float the day’s menu on   which comprises a number of households in HSR, Jaya Nagar, Koramangala, BTM Layout, Jp nagar ETC. Sangita’s kitchen are more of North indian-style, if you are really craving for some real and authentic north Indian style food Sangita’s Kitchen is the best choice. Lets know more about Best Tiffin Services in Bangalore 2022.

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