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Bangalore People, Here’s the Best Tiffin Service Near You with Price. 2022

Best Tiffin Service Near You In Bangalore : So, you’ve been looking for a good tiffin service in Bangalore for a long time but haven’t been happy with any of the options you’ve tried.

And you keep thinking to yourself, “Will I ever locate a tiffin service near me that isn’t too expensive?”


We hear you and share your dissatisfaction. Work from home has been going on for almost a year, and the burden continues to grow. You can find yourself working every waking minute at times.

You don’t feel like making a complete supper for yourself after that fiasco with your laptop, so you normally load up on Maggie. And if your cuisine isn’t mouthwatering enough after a long day, you won’t feel like eating at all. After all, delicious food is a form of treatment in and of itself. Lets know more about Best Tiffin Service Near You.

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So what’s the solution? 

Today we are here to talk about just that! And also, to introduce you to Sangita’s Kitchen. 

Sangita’s Kitchen is a premium meal delivery service in Bangalore who are known for their food quality when it comes to tiffin services. If you are residing in and around BTM Layout, HSR Layout, Koramangala, Teacher’s Colony, Sony Signal, Tavrekere, Bangalore you can consider Sangita’s Kitchen tiffin service as the best tiffin service near you.

So why is Sangita’s Kitchen tiffin service the best you ask?

Let’s have a look at their offerings! That will help you understand it better.

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Why Is Sangita’s Kitchen The Best Tiffin Service Near You?

Let us remind you how the other tiffin services function before we tell you why Sangita’s Kitchen meal service is the finest in Bangalore. You don’t have any options for tailoring your meal to your preferences. You’ll generally get a monotonous meal where you’ll eat the same veggies two or three times a week. Furthermore, there is no recompense or sufficient care from their side to ensure that you do not dislike your cuisine. Also, if they supply you with special meals for an occasion, there are usually additional expenses.

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Let’s take a look at why Sangita’s Kitchen services make you want to fall in love with them:

You can get the entire week’s menu:

The complete week’s meal is given to you even before the week begins. If you’re searching for a vegetarian menu on a non-veg day, you may make alterations once you know what you’ll be having that week. Alternatives are also available at Sangita’s Kitchen. Let’s learn more about the Best Tiffin Service Near You..

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A paradise for non-vegetarians:

If you’re a die-hard non-vegetarian, we’re sure you’ve been disappointed by tiffin services in Bangalore that only provide non-vegetarian meals once or twice a week. You must have become bored of begging them to expand the number of non-vegetarian days on their menu over and over again, right?

You’re in luck, because if you sign up for Sangita’s Kitchen’s meal plan, you’ll get a non-vegetarian menu four times a week. Won’t that be great? Let’s take a closer look at the Best Tiffin Service Near You.

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A Chef With Magical Touch:

Our chef has over 25 years of expertise working in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants. On our menu, you’ll discover meals that he created entirely from scratch. Isn’t it reasonable to anticipate faultless results if a chef trained in five-star cuisine prepares your food on a daily basis?

Timely Delivery:

Have you ever gotten home from work and seen your tiffin lying on your doorway, waiting for you? We’re guessing you didn’t. But with Sangita’s Kitchen, you’ll have the same experience every day, where you won’t have to wait for your tiffin till your stomach begins making strange sounds since you can’t control your hunger. We stick to a rigorous delivery schedule and check in with our delivery crews on a regular basis from the backend.


Personalized Customer Service:

You can pick up the phone and call us straight away if you have a problem with your food. You may rest easy knowing that your problem will be fixed. At Sangita’s Kitchen, you won’t have to deal with chatbots or navigate a maze of options before speaking with one of our executives. Our customer service is straightforward and personalized to meet your specific requirements.

Pause Your Plan:

Assume you’re travelling on vacation or paying a visit to your relatives in your hometown. In such instance, your membership does not expire. Simply let us know when you’ll be unavailable, and we’ll put your meal plan on hold until you return, then restart it when you’re ready.

Sanitization and Food Safety:

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According to WHO criteria, we keep our sanitization and food safety standards up to date. All of our food containers, as well as all of the veggies, have been professionally cleaned. We also supply you with a complete no-contact delivery during the COVID period.

These are the reasons why Sangita’s Kitchen is regarded as Bangalore’s best tiffin service. Let’s have a look at their meal plans and rates now, shall we?

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Best Tiffin Service Near You With Price:

Sangita’s Kitchen offers a wide range of subscription options to suit your needs, which you may choose from at your leisure. The following subscription options are popular among consumers and well-liked by our current customers:


In this package we deliver only breakfast to you where you get a wide variety of North Indian, South Indian, and Western breakfast menu. You can select the number of days you want to opt for, and we will charge you accordingly. Here are the price blocks for breakfast according to the number of days:

inr 2639 / month

dabba service


Our lunch menu gives your testbeds a taste of probably every part of India, as well as Indo-Chinese and continental dishes sometimes. Here is the price you need to pay for that according to the number of days:

Weekly Non-Veg Lunch 6 Days, 6 Meals:  ₹709 for 1 week.

Weekly VEG (Lunch 6 Days, 6 Meals: ₹659 for 1 week.

Monthly VEG (Lunch) 24 Days, 24 Meals: ₹2399 for 1 month

Monthly Chicken Maniac Lunch Subscription: ₹3099 for 1 month

Monthly NON-VEG Subscriptions (Lunch) 24 Days, 24 Meals: ₹2699 for 1 month


Our supper menu is consistently as popular as our lunch fare. Let’s have a look at the costs:

Weekly Non-Veg Dinner 6 Days, 6 Meals:  ₹709 for 1 week.

Weekly VEG (Dinner 6 Days, 6 Meals: ₹659 for 1 week.

Monthly VEG (Dinner) 24 Days, 24 Meals: ₹2399 for 1 month

Monthly Chicken Maniac Dinner Subscription: ₹3099 for 1 month

Monthly NON-VEG Subscriptions (Dinner) 24 Days, 24 Meals: ₹2699 for 1 month

Lunch and Dinner:

If you opt for both lunch and dinner, you get a discount there as well. As per the number of days, the price chart is as follows:

Monthly VEG (Lunch + Dinner) 24 Days, 48 Meals: ₹4399 for 1 month

Monthly NON-VEG Subscriptions (Lunch + Dinner) 24 Days, 48 Meals: ₹4799 for 1 month

Would you want to order a trial dinner to see whether you enjoy it now that you know everything about the top tiffin service near you and have a pricing list? You can do so by correctly filling out your information. here!


Of course, there will be several tiffin providers around you that will supply you with meals at a lower cost. But, if you had to choose, what would you choose? Paying less for uninteresting food? Or spend a little more and receive 5 star quality cuisine every day? Try our sample meal and make your own decision. If you choose Sangita’s Kitchen, you’ll be on your way to delicious dinners in no time. just a click away!

Sangita's Kitchen Logo
Sangita’s Kitchen Logo

A fairly priced simple Ghar ki khana, this is exactly what defines them. Sangita’s Kitchen is an Indian fast food outlet that serves as well as delivers home-style thalis prepared with absolutely fresh ingredients, making it one of the best Tiffin services in Bangalore.

Order Today The Home Cooked Delicious Tiffins. 

Contact Us: 6361242727/8317346918


Website link:

Address: #713 , 17th C Main Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034.

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